Film in America

This first map shows how all of the states and territories are categorized into regions for this website: Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Southern, New England, and Islands.

California is the only state that is subdivided between two "states" and regions. The former is because Southern California is the hub of most American filmmkaing, so it makes sense that its listings would be separated. The latter is because the terrain and people of, say, Los Angeles, identify more with the Southwest, while the same in San Francisco, for example, identify more with the Pacific Northwest.

Some might dispute Missouri or Texas not being part of the South, or New York and Pennsylvania being part of New England, but, for simplicity, this is the way they'll be listed here.

On the second map, the dark states are the ones that are fully online and mostly complete. I mean "mostly" in that they have the huge majority of listings, but are perhaps missing a few titles here and there.

The medium-shaded maps show states whose websites are open and online, but not yet complete. Arizona and Nevada should someday be finished, but Southern California, for example, will probably always remain incomplete since so many hundreds of thousands of productions have shot there.

The light-colored states have some content contained within them, but their main pages are not yet open since they have not been truly developed yet.

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