Filming Locations —

Berkeley, Alameda County.

Oakland, Alameda County: Global Video at College & Chabot in Rockridge. Apartment on Bellevue Avenue at West Grand, near Lake Merritt.

City and County of San Francisco: Original Joe's at Taylor & Eddy. Casbah Strip Club at Broadway & Kearny. Pier 7. Illinois & 19th in China Basin. Red Devil Lounge at Polk & Clay. Heinrich Kam Photo Studio on Harrison Street. Brain Wash café on Folsom. North Beach Market at Lombard & Columbus. Doo Wash Laundry at Greenwich & Columbus.

Sausalito, Marin County: Giovanni's Pizza on Bridgeway.

These pictures were taken by 2nd A.C. Todd Hickey in Summer 1999.
wheres george
Director Kobie Lyons and D.P. Gary Rohan.
wheres george
1st A.C. Tracy Viera.
wheres george
Script Supervisor Amy M. Robins and 1st A.D. David Chalker.
wheres george
Gaffer John Schweitzer and Make-up Artist Stacey Rae.

Where's George (1999)
CAST: Michael X. Sommers, Meeka Schmalle, Fred Webre, Bonnie Warner, Marjorie Orrante....
WRITER: Kobie Lyons
PRODUCER: Kevin Carraway White, Larry Sara
DIRECTOR: Kobie Lyons

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