"Phoenix Lake Stars as Heaven,
Robin Williams' Film Uses Marin for Final Scene"

by Nancy Isles Nation, Marin Independent Journal, 30 June 1998

The producers of Robin Williams' new film about the afterlife found the perfect setting for a heavenly scene — Marin's Phoenix Lake.

The crew added flowering plants to the shore of the Mount Tam lake, but the natural setting stars largely undisturbed.

The final scene for "What Dreams May Come," to be released Oct. 2, is being filmed at the site.

The movie is about a man who is reluctant to let go of life and leave his wife, played by Anabella Sciorra. She has starred in "Copland" and "Jungle Fever."

The movie is about "two people separated by the greatest obstacle one can think of," said producer Barnet Bain. "One is alive and one isn't."

Hikers and bicyclists watched from across the lake yesterday as Williams and Sciorra filmed the same scene over and over.

When the crew asked for quiet and the cameras began to roll, not a word of dialogue could be heard from afar.

Scenes from "What Dreams May Come" will be familiar to movie-goers who have seen the previews before watching the "X-Files" movie.

Filming began about a year ago on Treasure Island and other Bay Area locations.

"We're doing more of the ending," said co-producer Steve Simon. "It's the main character's experience of his afterlife."

Production manager Richard Gelfand said the location has been a difficult one because it is remote, but it looks just right.

He worked with the Marin Municipal Water District and the town of Ross to get permits to use the watershed area and parts of Natalie Coffin Greene Park.

"The water district is very protective of this beautiful area, as they should be," Gelfand said. It's nice to be able to share their concern and to leave it as it was."

Filming continues today.

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