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Alameda, Alameda County: The prison interiors, including the lethal gas chamber, were built as sets at Alameda Point.

Cotati, Sonoma County: The Washoe House on Stony Point Road.

Oakland, Alameda County: 1035 -8th Avenue. 2201 Broadway. 751 Warfield. The Oakland Tribune Tower. Oakland Zoo. Cafe Cheneville on 9th Street. Alameda County Courthouse on Fallon Street. 201 -3rd Street. 1429 -9th Street. Park Street Bridge. Redwood Road. Dunsmuir House. Cynthia's Toys & Games. City Center.

Richmond, Contra Costa County: 306 Martinea Street in Point Richmond.

San Leandro, Alameda County: Quik Stop Market at 1141 -165th Street.

San Quentin, Marin County: San Quentin State Prison.

San Rafael, Marin County: The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County: Contra Costa Newspapers on Shadeland Road.

true crime
San Quentin State Prison.
true crime
The Washoe House is on Stony Point Road at Roblar,
between the towns of Cotati and Petaluma.
true crime           true crime
Two more views of the interior and exterior of the Washoe House.
true crime
Frank Beachum's house was at 1035 -8th Avenue, Oakland.
true crime
The Oakland Tribune's press room was filmed at the Contra Costa Newspapers at 2640 Shadeland Road, Walnut Creek.
true crime           true crime
The Oakland Tribune interiors were shot on the sixth floor of 2201 Broadway, a few blocks away from the real Tribune building.
true crime
Steve Everett (Clint Eastwood)'s affair with
Patricia Findley (Laila Robins) was at 751 Warfield.
true crime
Almost all of the interiors of San Quentin prison were
recreated as sets at the old Alameda Naval Air Station.
true crime
The Oakland Tribune Tower in Downtown Oakland.
true crime
Clint Eastwood is in front of the Oakland Tribune
at the corner of Franklin Street.
true crime           true crime
Pocum's Grocery was actually the Quik Stop Market at 1141 -165 Street at East 14th in San Leandro.
true crime           true crime
Everett's family home was filmed at 306 Martinea Street in Point Richmond.
true crime           true crime
The Oakland Zoo is located at 9777 Golf Link Road in Oakland. The girl that plays Steve Everett's
daughter Kate is Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's real-life daughter.
true crime           true crime
The Bread Company Restaurant where Everett met witness Dale Porterhouse was filmed at the
Cafe Cheneville at 499 -9th Street in the Old Oakland section of Downtown Oakland.
true crime
This view from San Quentin shows
a foggy Mt. Tamalpais on the horizon.
true crime
The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
true crime
The end of Main Street in Point San Quentin Village
outside the gates to the prison.
true crime
Clint Eastwood and Bernard Hill. You might recognize Hill
as Captain Smith from Titanic (1997), but without the beard.
true crime
The Alameda County Courthouse is at 1225 Fallon Street
at 13th Street, next to Lake Merritt.
true crime
Frances Fisher is the mother of Eastwood's daughter Francesca who is also in the movie. Like Bernard Hill (above), Frances Fisher was also in Titanic (1997), as Ruth DeWitt Bukater.
true crime
Michelle Ziegler's apartment was filmed
at 201 -3rd Street #104, Oakland.
true crime
Mrs. Russell's place was 1429 -9th Street, Oakland.
true crime
This was filmed at the Park Street Bridge (even though in real life Everett never would have needed to cross it to get to his destination). Interestingly, though it really looks like it, Everett's car never actually touched the side of the bridge.
true crime
Again, the prison interiors were done at Manex Studios.
true crime           true crime
The scenes at Dead Man's Curve were filmed on Redwood Road (near mile marker 3.1) up in the East Bay Regional Parks.
The gas station was specially built for the brief scene (see the picture below).
true crime           true crime
The Lowenstein House is really the Dunsmuir House at 2960 Peralta Oaks Court.
That's Anthony Zerbe, from Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) and countless other movies.
true crime
Lucy Liu (from Ally McBeal) with Clint Eastwood in a scene
filmed at Cynthia's Toys & Games in the City Center,
501 -14th Street in Downtown Oakland.
true crime
This is the final shot of the movie over which all the credits roll.
The sculpture here is in City Center and that's the
Oakland Tribune in the background.
true crime
The thumbnail here shows the Redwood Garage that was
specially-built (and later dismantled) for the shoot.
true crime
This is a resolution written by the Oakland City Council
for Clint Eastwood back in February 1993.

True Crime (1999)
CAST: Clint Eastwood, Isaiah Washington, Lisa Gay Hamilton, James Woods, Denis Leary, Bernard Hill, Diane Venora, Michael McKean, Michael Jeter, Mary McCormack, Francesca Ruth Eastwood, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Frances Fisher, Marissa Ribisi, Christine Ebersole, Anthony Zerbe, Lucy Liu, Leslie Griffith, Dennis Richmond, Frank Sommerville, Frances Lee McCain, Rev. Cecil Williams, Kelvin Han Yee, Colman Domingo....
WRITER: Andrew Klavan, Larry Gross, Paul Brickman, Stephen Schiff
PRODUCER: Clint Eastwood, Tom Rooker, Lili Fini Zanuck, Richard D. Zanuck
DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood
EDITOR: Joel Cox

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Official Website: True Crime
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"Fees From Eastwood Film Go to Local Charities" Oakland Tribune, 2 Jun 1998.
"Trib Newsroom Takes Center Stage...." Oakland Tribune, 14 May 1998.

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