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Filming Locations —

Ferndale, Humboldt County: The exterior and some interiors of the Majestic Theatre was built at a city parking lot on Main Street. The Mabel's Diner set was built in the parking lot of Lino's Service Station. Valley Arts on Main Street was changed into a tailor shop. Martin Landau's character's funeral was filmed at Ferndale Cemetery (where several military graves were added for the shots). Ferndale Jewelers was turned into a pawnshop. The interior of the Town Hall was shot at the Masonic Hall, while the exterior (including a park and gazebo) was a set built around a bank! The fire station doors on the Town Hall were actually built for the drive-thru bank ATM which is now inside the set. Other covered sets built at the Ferndale Fairgrounds include Martin Landau's characters apartment in The Majestic, the theater basement, the doctor's office, the sheriff's office, and the Town Hall basement.

Fort Bragg, Mendocino County: In late April 2001, filming was done at the Skunk Train depot and train.

Mendocino, Mendocino County: Filming occurred the first week of May 2001 at the beach north of Big River and bluffs south of Big River. On May 4th, they filmed at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.

Trinidad, Humboldt County: On 19 March 2001, the first day of Northern California filming, a Mercedes car crash scene was filmed at College Cove Beach.

Filming Locations —

Culver City, Los Angeles County: Sony Pictures Studios.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County.

Hollywood, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County: Grauman's Chinese Theater, 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

Downtown L.A., Los Angeles, Los Angeles County: Union Station. Park Plaza Hotel, 607 S. Park View Street at West 6th Street.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County: Santa Monica Pier.

Universal City, Los Angeles County: Universal Studios.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles County: Jim Carrey's character goes to the Formosa Café, 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard, after learning he'd been blacklisted. Part of the Majestic Theater set was built at BA Studios' The Lot (formerly Warner Hollywood Studios), 7200 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Majestic (2001)
CAST: Jim Carrey, Martin Landau, Laurie Holden, Allen Garfield, Bruce Campbell, Amanda Detmer, Daniel von Bargen, Bob Balaban, Brent Briscoe, Jeffrey DeMunn, Hal Holbrook, David Ogden Stiers, James Whitmore....
WRITER: Michael Sloane
PRODUCER: Jim Behnke, Claudia Cummings, Frank Darabont, Linda Fields, Anna Garduno, Michael Sloane
DIRECTOR: Frank Darabont
EDITOR: Jim Page
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT / LOS ANGELES: John J. Grant, Lori Balton, Chris Baugh, Judy Heinzen, Michelle Latham


Official Website: The Majestic
The Majestic movie trailer [MOV, 8Mb]
"Council Hears About Film Production" Eureka Times-Standard, 8 Nov 2000.

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