"Movie Troupe Here Tuesday"

Vallejo Evening Chronicle, 29 March 1929

Headed by well known players, 20 motion picture players will arrive at South Vallejo in a special Pullman car on Tuesday afternoon to prepare for scenes to be shot at the Mare Island navy yard on Wednesday.

The pictures are a sequence in the Fox Film Company's drama "The Cock-Eyed World," for which settings on the USS Henderson and the Mare Island sea wall will be used.

Among the stars to take part are Victor McLaglen, one of the players of "What Price Glory?"; Edmond Lowe, and Lya De Putti. The party will be greeted by Chamber of Commerce representatives and escorted to the Casa de Vallejo.

Details concerning the filming, for which marines and Boy Scouts will be used, were discussed with T.J. O'Hara, Chamber of Commerce president, yesterday by Robert E. Groux, business manager of the Fox Company.

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