"Film Troupe Leaves Here"

Vallejo Evening Chronicle, 4 April 1929

After taking the final scene of "The Cock-Eyed World" a little after seven o'clock on the USS Henderson this morning, the stars and staff of the Fox Film Corporation sailed for San Francisco promptly at 8 o'clock. Unless the film proves unsatisfactory because of weather conditions yesterday, Chief Cameraman Arthur Edeson reported last evening, the group will not return.

About thirty members of the staff remained in Vallejo at the Casa de Vallejo last evening, all in high spirits, and expressing their complete approval of the new hotel. These included Arch Buchman and Sid Bowen, assistant directors; R.E. Goux, business manager; Ed Hansen, sound recorder; Arthur Edeson, chief cameraman; V.F. Farrar, Si Schofield, Ralph Pipes, J.E. Ripton, Don Greenwood, E.A. Pierson, M.C. Bradley, C. Allen Taylor, G.F. Campbell, Joe Roche, Albert Dresden, Max Autrey, Mink De Ronda, Tom Krener, and several others.

The small star, Lily Dalmita, who takes the first part assigned to Lya De Putti, remained at the St. Francis Hotel, with Raoul Walsh, Edmond Lowe, Victor McLaglen, and other stars of the picture.

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