"Movie Troupe Here For Scenes"

Vallejo Evening Chronicle, 2 April 1929

Fox Movietone Stars at M.I. Waterfront for Film

With twelve trucks of machinery, dynamos for lighting effects, and properties for scenery, members and actors of the Fox Movietone Company alighted from the 2:15 Monticello ferry this afternoon.

Twelve actors accompanied the director, Raoul Walsh, in the company's huge gray stage. The three principal characters are Victor McLaglen, Lya De Putti, and Edmond Lowe, the men of which trio are well remembered stars of "What Price Glory?".

The troupe went directly to Mare Island for preliminary details before beginning work on a scene of "The Cock-eyed World," McLaglen's new starring vehicle. To attract the least attention possible, the caravan went up a back street, in order to cross the main thoroughfare only at right angles. While on Mare Island they will work on the transport Henderson for final scenes, in the endeavor to finish their work here by Wednesday evening.

Hire Extras

Several dozen Boy Scouts have been hired for one of the scenes on Mare Island tomorrow, and extras from the men and women of Vallejo are now being tried out. J. Groux, the advance business manager of the company, spent several days here last week arranging details with T.J. O'Hara, president of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce.

Few people of Vallejo were at the ferry temerinal to see the arrival of the actors, and those who did come were seen to turn away in a slightly disappointed manner. The group of actors looked no different from any business men, with the exception of a deep coat of tan on the face of McLaglen.

Miss De Putti, very quietly dressed, at once dispelled the impression that a successful actress must dress like a chorus girl.

While here, the troupe will make their headquarters at the Casa de Vallejo.

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