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This is a Showtime Original Series that is primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Edited repeats of the show are also occasionally broadcast on VH-1.

Filming Locations —

City and County of San Francisco: The Fillmore. Bimbo's 365.

the chris isaak show           the chris isaak show
On 12 July 2000, Chris Isaak and his TV band performed at The Fillmore Theater at 1805 Geary Boulevard.
Most of the show's concert inserts were filmed in Vancouver, but occasionally some of the San Francisco shots are used.
the chris isaak show           the chris isaak show
Chris Isaak's character hangs out at Bimbo's 365, but all of the interiors were faked in Vancouver.
The establishing shots, such as those above, were actually filmed there at 1025 Columbus Avenue at Chestnut & Taylor.

"The Chris Isaak Show" (2001)
CAST: Chris Isaak, Kristin Dattilo-Hayward, Kenney Dale Johnson, Rowland Salley, Jed Rees, Hershel Yatovitz, Greg Winter, Jennifer Calvert, Bobby Jo Moore....
WRITER: Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider
PRODUCER: Richard Davis, Diane Frolov, Chris Isaak, Andrew Schneider


Official Website: The Chris Isaak Show
"It's Cable-TV Showtime For Chris Isaak" S.F. Chronicle, 11 July 2000.
"Chris Isaak: Renaissance Rocker on TV" S.F. Examiner, 11 July 2000.

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