"The Bay Area's Bachelor: Russell Woods"

KGO / ABC 7 News, 15 January 2003

Episode 2 of the hit series The Bachelorette airs tonight and a Bay Area bachelor is one of those in the running. But will he make the cut and who is Russell Woods? ABC7's Don Sanchez finds out.

Last week on The Bachelorette, Russell Woods scored points giving Trista Rehn a gift — a Tiffany blue box!

He says it's because they almost met twice before.

Russell: "I thought the third time is a charm, so I got her a charm bracelet and I had it engraved with 'Enjoy the Moment.' I think she knew what it meant. Regardless if I got picked or not I would remember that forever."

Thirty-year-old Woods still lives in San Rafael where he grew up. He attended Marin Catholic, worked in Silicon Valley and he has been writing a book.

Russell: "Basically it's about finding yourself. The need to find yourself and identity before you find love."

He's reached that place and wants to share life's journey with someone like Trista. It was a perfect fit when he was picked.

Russell: "It was really a weird experience. Imagine being in a situtation where you're there to date this woman and 25 other guys are trying to do the same thing."

Russell Woods, a tech-writer from San Rafael, is one of the men hoping to win over Trista Rehn's heart.

But the guys bonded. During the two month shoot, they were isolated from the rest of the world. Tonight's second episode gets a bit steamy during a Las Vegas weekend.

Russell: "We get to be alone and touch and kiss and yes, we shared a moment on tonight's show."

Russell: "I'm really concerened about people who know me well and they see that persona on the show and what they think about it."

It's changed his life. Now strangers stop him on the street.

And will he be the one? He' can't say, but...

Russell: "I'm sure that out of the guys on the show there is definitely someone for her."

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