"Charlie smelling like a rose on 'Bachelorette'"

Arizona Daily Sun, 30 January 2003

Flagstaff High School graduate Charlie Maher made yet another cut Wednesday night as he continued to try to woo Trista on ABC's "The Bachelorette."

On a rare snowy day in Flagstaff, Maher brought Trista home to meet his family as part of a special 90-minute program on which the final four suitors brought her to their home towns to get a taste of where they come from.

Maher's was the last of the four dates that aired Wednesday, before Trista made her next cut.

During the course of the week, Trista was faced with some tough questions. Most came from the parents who wondered which qualities about their sons appealed to Trista.

After the date in Flagstaff, Charlie's brother, Francis, questioned whether Trista was "high maintenance," or needing attention, since she was a former contestant on ABC's "The Bachelor" and was a dancer for the Miami Heat's dance squad.

During the dinner, he also mentioned that love can't be found from a simple choice or a decision; that it's emotional and emotions can "screw it all up."

But Trista's also a physical therapist and likes working with children, something that seemed to score points with Charlie's mother, Susan. Susan is also a physical therapist.

"It's hard to believe in two weeks time, despite how wonderful Charlie is, that Trista would be able to say to him, 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you,' and that Charlie would say the same," Susan said during the program.

However, she also said "it's worth pursuing." And most of the family seemed to see the program as a possible beginning to a more normal dating relationship.

The fact that Trista and Susan shared interests, particularly with their chosen professions, was not lost on the family.

"To take it to a creepy level, she kind of parallels mom in a way," Francis said.

Quipped Susan: "I hate to break this to you, but I've never been a Miami Heat dancer."

Overall, Trista said she was impressed with the Maher family and enjoyed the intellectually charged dinner conversation.

Charlie also presented her with a 30th birthday gift of a small silver frog with a crown, saying that he hopes she finds her prince.

Charlie, an account executive, took the second of three roses.

The others went to Russ, a writer from the San Francisco area and Ryan, a firefighter from Vail, Colo.

New York City native Greg did not get the rose Wednesday. After a fairly successful date in Central Park and a nice dinner with the family, Trista was introduced to the sometimes harsh reality of living in New York City. The studio apartment was confined and while Trista said she tried to keep an open mind, she also mentioned it would be hard to live that way.

That, however, was not the reason she gave for cutting Greg. She said she felt like they were "trying too hard."

Next week get out your sleeping bags because it's time for the romantic overnight dates as Trista narrows the field down to two.

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