"Truck Damages Camera Crane"

Sonoma Index Tribune, 31 October 2000

A Federal Express delivery truck knocked over a small movie camera crane in front of Sonoma's City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

The crane, used as a "camera boom" to elevate a movie camera and its operator, belonged to Elle Pictures, which is filming a few scenes of "The Animal" in downtown Sonoma this week. The movie is produced by Adam Sandler and stars Rob Schneider.

The film crew shot a scene in front of City Hall on Monday, and had moved across Plaza park to First Street West on Tuesday. Not needed for Tuesday's filming, the crane was covered with plastic to protect it from any rain, and parked on the edge of the horseshoe-shaped driveway in front of City Hall.

Shortly before 2 p.m., the delivery truck was apparently trying to maneuver around a car that had stopped in the driveway. The truck smashed into the camera boom, knocking it over.

Sonoma Police Sergeant Mary Holmes said members of the camera crew estimated the value of the crane between $60,000 to $80,000.

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