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City and County of San Francisco: Buena Vista Café (2765 Hyde Street at Beach). Ghirardelli Square. Aquatic Park. Russian Hill. Cliff House. Washington Square Park. Brocklebank Apartments (1000 Mason Street). Transamerica Building. Telegraph Hill. The Windmills on Great Highway. Crisis Switchboard was at 1433/1463 McAllister Street at Alamo Square. Connie's apartment was at 2201 Leavenworth at Greenwich. Club Fugazzi, 678 Green Street.

The series' famous location 28 Barbary Lane doesn't really exist, but was built as a set in Los Angeles. The exterior staircase, though, was filmed at the Macondray Lane Stairs at 1801 Taylor Street at Green. Macondray Lane was Armistead Maupin's real-life inspiration for the book's fictional 28 Barbary Lane, which was described there as being located at "a narrow, wooded walkway off Leavenworth between Union and Filbert."

South San Francisco, San Mateo County: Trailer park at 1701 El Camino Real at Hickey Boulevard.

Tales of the City (1993)
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