"Keanu Hugs Hannah and Her Sisters"

by Ruthe Stein, San Francisco Chronicle, 30 June 2000

How nice to hear Keanu Reeves is nice to kids. Hannah Hedley , a 13- year-old from Benicia whose bedroom wall is at risk of collapsing from the weight of Keanu posters, was amazed that the actor took the time to sign autographs after a long day filming "Sweet November" on Potrero Hill. When she told him this was the best day of her life, he said, "Nah, tomorrow is always better." Then he hugged Hannah and her sisters and friends tight enough that he left the scent of his cologne on their clothes.

Between takes, Reeves would pop into Christopher's Books and peruse sociology and poetry volumes. One time, he got into a conversation about science fiction with A.J. Gardiner, the 11-year-old son of book store clerk Trish Keady. Reeves asked if he had read William Gibson's "Neuromancer." When A.J. said he hadn't, the Matrix breaker bought him a copy.

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