Filming Locations —

Daly City, San Mateo County: Santa Cruz Avenue at Guadalupe Street.

Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco: Golden Gate Promenade. Crissy Field Beach. Old Mason Street.

City and County of San Francisco: Van Ness & O'Farrell Streets. 18th & Missouri Streets. Columbus Avenue at Stockton. Foote, Cone and Belding. St. Anthony's Kitchen. San Francisco Drydock. Jones & Golden Gate Avenue. 580 Howard Street. Illinois Street. Starbucks at 99 Jackson Street. Dolores Park. Bloom's Saloon. Taraval Street. Allemand Bros. Boat Repair. Farley's Café. Ocean Beach. Citicourt Café. Citicorp Center. 18th & Texas Street. St. Luke's Hospital. Sanchez Elementary School. Market Street. Broadway & Baker Streets.

San Rafael, Marin County: San Rafael High School.

Treasure Island, City and County of San Francisco: Building #180.

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Nelson's apartment was filmed at the Marquee Lofts on
Alice B. Toklas Place, above Van Ness & O'Farrell Streets.
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Vince is driving east on 18th Street on an overpass above Hwy 280. That new building, under construction, will be part of the U.C.S.F. Mission Bay campus.
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Southeast on Columbus Avenue from Stockton Street.
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The elevator interiors were actually
faked in a warehouse on Illinois Street.
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The Jabe & Dunne advertising agency was filmed at Foote, Cone & Belding at 733 Front Street.
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The hallway into the DMV was filmed at St. Anthony's Kitchen & Dining Room, 45 Jones Street in the Tenderloin. The money that we paid them to shoot here was used to buy a huge, fancy steak dinner for the homeless later that summer.
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The DMV classroom, though, was built in an old building at San Francisco Drydock, at the foot of 20th Street at Illinois Street.
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The DMV exterior is back at St. Anthony's, just half a block from the Hibernia Bank. See the guy staring from the doorway all throughout this shot? Well, he's not looking at Nelson; he's looking at Keanu. This guy was not supposed to be standing there!
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This Central Parking System lot is across the street at 99 Golden Gate Avenue. All of these DMV exteriors were done on the first day of filming, 6 April 2000. That billboard behind Sara is the first of three of them that were not-too-inconspicuously placed throughout the movie.
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The lobby of Nelson's apartment was filmed at 580 Howard Street at 2nd Street, South of Market.
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Nelson and Sara are supposedly in Oakland, but really on San Francisco's 20th Street, east of Illinois Street.
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Sara steels the Brussels Griffon puppies from... the DMV!
Well, not quite. This is the exterior of the old San Francisco drydock building where we built the DMV interior.
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This is a San Francisco Petroleum Company gas station on Illinois Street, between 18th and 19th. In the background
is the second fake billboard.
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Sara's entire apartment was completely built from scratch in an empty aircraft hangar, Building #180, on Treasure Island. That skyline out the window is fake, created with a translight, basically an enormous panoramic photograph that we took out the windows of the real location back on 7 March 2000.
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The exterior of Sara's building is at 298 Missouri Street at the
corner of 18th Street on Potrero Hill, San Francisco.
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This is the Starbucks at 99 Jackson Street at Davis.
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This is the newly-restored Golden Gate Promenade and Crissy Field Beach. For extras holding that day, 18 April 2000,
we used Letterman Hospital which has since been torn down for George Lucas' big expansion project.
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This is the first time we see Dolores Park. In this scene, Nelson said that his third eye didn't open. Thus, you could say he's third eye blind. Charlize Theron's real-life boyfriend at the time was Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of the band, Third Eye Blind.
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Sara's deck was filmed in back of Bloom's Saloon.
See below for more scenes that were filmed there....
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The first shot is looking east on Taraval Street at 28th Avenue in the San Francisco Sunset District,
although we did most of the MUNI train interiors further west near 46th Avenue.
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Allemand Bros. Boat Repair at Innes Avenue & Griffith Street off Arelious Walker Street, Hunters Point, San Francisco.
This scene, which was originally supposed to have filmed at Golden Gate Park's Spreckels Lake, was written out
of the movie for awhile during filming because of its similarity to the boat race in Stuart Little (1999).
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Farley's Café, 1315 -18th Street at Missouri Street, Potrero Hill, San Francisco.
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Nelson's childhood home was filmed at 166 Santa Cruz Avenue at Guadalupe in Daly City. This was one of the days we had an EPK crew on set, so some of the behind-the-scenes footage can be seen in the documentary Sweet November: From the Heart.
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Ocean Beach, just below Great Highway near Taraval Street.
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The Chinese shop is actually the Daily Scoop Ice Cream Parlor at 18th & Missouri Streets, but redecorated on the outside. All the leftover food here was donated to the Martin De Porres House at 225 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco.
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Chaz's apartment was also built
at Building #180 on Treasure Island.
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Citicourt Café, 1 Sansome Street at Sutter, San Francisco.
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This is the south side of the 300 block of Clement Street, between 4th Avenue and 5th Avenue, in the Richmond District. Extras holding / catering were in the empty building at 275 -6th Avenue, once the printing press of the Richmond Banner newspaper, published by Sinclair G. Trimble, my grandfather.
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Citicourt Center on Sansome Street at Sutter.
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Corner of Texas & 18th Streets, San Francisco.
Notice the third billboard.
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San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, from Treasure Island.
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Again, Bloom's Saloon at 1318 -18th Street.
This is also where Nelson Moss later sings to Sara.
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St. Luke's Hospital, 3555 Cesar Chavez Street at Valencia.
My great-grandfather, Paul Castelhun, was a surgeon here for sixty years and his name is on a plaque in the lobby.
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Sanchez Elementary School, 325 Sanchez Street at 17th Street.
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Northeast on Market Street from 6th to 5th Street.
That's the Warfield Theater in the background.
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The final scene of the movie was filmed in Dolores Park on the bridge at the corner of 19th & Church Streets.
That greenhouse is actually only half of one, built just for the movie to cover up the statue that normally stands there.
The pictures below were from the official website of the movie.
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The house of the Society Lady who owned the dogs was filmed on Broadway at Baker Street, but edited out of the movie.
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Crissy Field Beach, San Francisco Presidio.
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Nelson's apartment was filmed at Van Ness & O'Farrell Streets, San Francisco, but the baseball game in the TV commercial behind him was filmed at San Rafael High School, San Rafael.
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Filmed on Old Mason Street in the San Francisco Presidio, this is another shot from the dog-walking scenes that was edited out.
These pictures were designed by Thomas Sepe of Sepe Interactive Designs.

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These advertisements for / appeared as billboards in the background of the movie.
The first was at the EXT. DMV and the second was at EXT. GAS STATION. Another was at EXT. SARA'S BUILDING.

The graphic to the right was created as Nelson Moss
(Keanu Reeves)'s America Online screen for the scenes in
which he checked his e-mail. It's cropped, so you can see the
whole picture by clicking on the thumbnail.
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These two pictures below were designed by Chris A. Tsuda of Tiki Productions.

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These graphics were used by Keanu Reeves' character in his advertisements for Diggity Dog hotdogs.
Note that the second hot dog picture can be seen in the sixth location graphic above.
— Union Teamsters / Locals 399 and 85 —

sweet november Key Location Manager: Rory Enke
Location Managers: Ellen Lent, Gail Stempler, Michael Lent
Key Assistant Location Manager: Jennifer Lung
Assistant Location Managers: Saisie Jang, Michael White
2nd Unit Location Manager / Location Scout: Peter Moody
Key Location Assistant / Location Scout: Scott Trimble
Loc. Assistants: Kristen Crabtree, Nancy Wong, Sandy Louie
Security Supervisor: Bob Loeffler
Thank You: C & F Motion Picture Security, Up & Down Signs,
S.T.O.P. Company, Gateway Security

sweet november Transportation Coordinator: David Pappas
Transportation Captain: Bob Phillips
Transportation Co-Captain: Donald Kasich
Mr. Reeves' Driver: Dick McDermott
Ms. Theron's Driver: Tony Sacco
Drivers: Jim Whitehead, Paul Faaola, Anthony Adiego,
Norma Allard, Michael "New York Mike" Deangelo,
W.F. Cooper, Tony Dingman, Clark Dolan, Atabana Tuufuli,
Neil Murray, Romeo D. Aurelio, William Durkin, Ken Fleisch,
Kelly Gillan, David Hernandez Sr., Patrick McTiernan,
Matt Meza, Stephen Murphy, John O'Rourke, Ted Basso

The column on the left shows the credits from the movie, while the column on the right shows the true credits for the
Locations and Transportation departments....Notice that THIRTY-SIX out of forty-two names were left out!

Sweet November (2001)
CAST: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs, Greg Germann, Liam Aiken, Robert Joy, Lauren Graham, Michael Rosenbaum, Frank Langella, Jason Kravits, Ray Baker, Tom Bullock, Adele Proom, L. Peter Callender, June Lomena, Kelvin Han Lee, David Fine, Elizabeth Weber, Doreen Foo Croft, Susan Zelinsky, Karina Andrews, Diane Amos, Joe Bellan....
WRITER: Herman Raucher, Paul Yurick, Kurt Voelker
PRODUCER: Jodi Ehrlich, Marty Ewing, Elliott Kastner, Steven Reuther, Deborah Stoff, Erwin Stoff, Wendy Wanderman
DIRECTOR: Pat O'Connor
EDITOR: Anne V. Coates
LOCATION MANAGERS / SCOUTS: Ellen Lent, Gail Stempler, Michael Lent
LOCATION ASSISTANTS: Kristen Crabtree, Nancy Wong, Sandy Louie

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Official Website: Sweet November
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