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Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco.

City and County of San Francisco: On 10 October 2000, an EXT. PHOTO BOOTH scene was shot on Pier 7 off the Embarcadero, but it didn't make it in the movie. On 11 October 2000, shots were done on Columbus Avenue at Broadway, the San Francisco Ferry Building, California & Mason Streets (also edited out), and from one of the Golden Gate Transit ferries. Additional shots include views of Chinatown and the Transamerica Pyramid (see below) and the Golden Gate Bridge.

serendipity           serendipity
The exterior of the counseling center was filmed at 222 Columbus Avenue in North Beach, San Francisco.
serendipity           serendipity
The Ferry Terminal is on the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street.
The western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge connects Yerba Buena Island to San Francisco.
Sara Thomas' home in Sausalito was actually faked
somewhere in or near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
This view of San Francisco includes
Coit Tower and Transamerica Pyramid.
505 Montgomery at Sacramento Street.
serendipity           serendipity
This is the 700 block of Sacramento Street off Grant Avenue, San Francisco.
The Golden Gate Bridge from the San Francisco Presidio.
Grant Avenue in San Francisco Chinatown.
Clocktower on the Ferry Terminal.
Grant Avenue at Broadway, San Francisco.
This night view of San Francisco includes the
Bay Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid.
All other San Francisco scenes were faked in Toronto.
sweet november
The graphic above shows the San Francisco crew as depicted in the end credits. A grand total of nine names are listed. The column to the right shows the complete list of fifty-five names that should have been listed in the end credits.
Production Supervisor: Ellen Lent
Production Coordinator (prep): Mark Hager
Production Coordinator (shoot and wrap): Eric Blyler
Assistant Production Coordinator: Scott Trimble
Office Production Assistants: Steve Bannatyne, Matt Reischling
Additional Office Production Assistant: Ross Neglia
Second Assistant Director: C. Michael Kitchens
Key Set Production Assistant: Sarah J. Clifford
Set Production Assistants: Astrid Crabbe, Paul de Lumen, Joel Dougherty, Evan Kawaoka, Beatriz López
Assistant Location Manager / Scout: Saisie Jang
Art Director: Tracey Gallacher
Prop Master: Michael Stephenson
Art Department Assistant: Pete Meyer
First Assistant Cameraman: Patrick McArdle
Second Assistant Cameraman: Rich McKay
Loader: Matt Blea
Video Assist: Clark Higgins
Key Grip: David Childers
Best Boy Grip: Dan Michalske
Dolly Grip: Brook Johnson
Company Grips: Dino Corti, Marvin Gerstl
Pegasus Crane Operator: Robert Barcelona
Gaffer: Peter Thomas
Best Boy Electric: Jeff Gilliam
Company Electricians: Mike Finley, David Bouillez
Sound Mixers: Lori Dovi, Stephen Balliet
Boom Operators: David Lezynski, Gary Dowling
Transportation Coordinator: David Pappas
Transportation Captain: Don Kasich
Drivers: Jack Curtis, Rich Hampton, Rich Thompson, Jim Whitehead, Mike Deangelo, Neil Murray, Dick McDermott, John O'Rourke
Wardrobe Supervisor: Patricia Kazmierowski
Extras Casting: Cindy Stahl / Henninger-Stahl Casting
Ms. Beckinsale's Photo-Double: Michelle Levitt
Ms. Beckinsale's Stand-In: Pamela Quattrochi
Craft Service and Breakfast: Mary Ellen Leonard
Paramedic Coordinator: Christopher Desmond
First Aid Medic: Paul Crimmins
Security Services: C & F Motion Picture Security
Studio Teacher: Bonnie Hudson

Serendipity (2001)
CAST: John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Molly Shannon, John Corbett, Bridget Moynahan, Eugene Levy, Lucy Gordon, Buck Henry, Ron Payne, Marcia Bennett....
WRITER: Marc Klein
PRODUCER: Peter Abrams, Robbie Brenner, Simon Fields, Julie Goldstein, Amy Kaufman, Robert L. Levy, Bob Osher, Andrew Panay, Amy Slotnick
DIRECTOR: Peter Chelsom
EDITOR: Christopher Greenbury
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT / BAY AREA: Ellen Lent, Saisie Jang, George Young
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT / NEW YORK: Santiago Quinones, Kris Schackman, Joaquin Diego Prange, Keith Adams, Tjamal Noni

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