This short-lived reality TV game show premiered on E! Entertainment on Sunday, 13 June 2004. It was similar in structure to Fear Factor (it came from some of the same producers and creative team), but, here, the contestants had to go through three stunts that were based on famous scenes from popular movies and television series.

Filming Locations —

Arcadia, Los Angeles County.

Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County.

Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County.

Downtown L.A., Los Angeles, Los Angeles County.

Universal City, Los Angeles County.

Valencia, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County.

Wilmington, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County.

"Scream Play" (2004)
CAST: Matt Iseman....
PRODUCER: Joel Klein, Benjamin Silverman, Mark Koops, Louise Van Patten, Will Robertson, Jennifer Clayton, Molly Weiss, Wendy Miller, Michael Madnick, Kara Kurcz, Andrea Horton
DIRECTOR: David Basinski
  — — — — — —
  EPISODE #1.1:    "Animal House / Gun Smoke / Home Alone"
  EPISODE #1.2:    "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation / Dumb & Dumber / The Bourne Identity"
  EPISODE #1.3:    "Fargo / Revenge of the Nerds / Young Frankenstein"
  EPISODE #1.4:    "License to Drive / Stand By Me / Judgment Night"
  EPISODE #1.5:    "Slap Shot / Dances With Wolves / Damien: Omen II"
  EPISODE #1.6:    "Kill Bill"
  EPISODE #1.7:    "Baywatch / Barb Wire / The Princess Bride"
  EPISODE #1.8:    "Green Acres / The Mummy / Waterworld"
  EPISODE #1.9:    "Blue Crush / Office Space / Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins"
  EPISODE #1.10:    "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World / Karate Kid / Hulk"
  EPISODE #1.11:    "Blade / Dracula / The A-Team"
  EPISODE #1.12:    "Robin Hood: Men in Tights / Dumb & Dumber / Pitch Black"
  EPISODE #1.13:    "The Simpsons / Rocky / Back to the Future"


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