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On Wednesday, 22 January 2003, Evening Magazine, a San Francisco television series on KPIX Channel 5, the local CBS affiliate, aired a short segment on the behind-the-scenes of Presidio Med, the doctor drama set in San Francisco. This footage (from the episode With Grace which aired later that same evening) was originally shot on Saturday, 9 November 2002, at Pier 7 and Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

evening magazine
The news magazine show is currently hosted by
Mike Rowe and Malou Nubla, and this particular
segment was produced by Margaret Slattery.
evening magazine
Oded Fehr, most known for his roles in The Mummy
and The Mummy Returns, plays Dr. Nicholas Kokoris.
evening magazine
Dana Delany, most known for China Beach
and Tombstone, portrays Dr. Rae Brennan.
evening magazine
evening magazine
evening magazine
The jogging scenes were done at Aquatic Park.
evening magazine
Stephen Collins is the Camera Operator.
evening magazine
Lorna Leslie is the 2nd Assistant Cameraman.
evening magazine
Matt Labate is a Set Production Assistant.
evening magazine
That's me, Scott Trimble, Key Assistant Location Manager.
Behind me is Ed Da Roza who does our street closures.
In front of me, back turned, is Jason Blumenfeld (1st A.D.).
evening magazine
Kevin Thompson (Director of Photography)
and Lesli Linka Glatter (Director) are close to the monitor.
evening magazine
evening magazine
Nelson Stoll (Sound Mixer) is in the purple hat,
Mike Hissrich (Producer), and Oded Fehr.
evening magazine
Background extras John Tansley and Roy Morden.


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