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Supposedly, part of this movie was shot at Goat Rock State Beach in Jenner, Sonoma County, Northern California, but, without confirmation, I am beginning to have my doubts. Can anyone answer the question definitively one way or the other?

Filming Locations —

Page, Coconino County: At the beginning of the movie, the spaceship crash scene was filmed at Lake Powell which spans the border of northern Arizona and southern Utah.

Filming Locations —

Calabasas, Los Angeles County: The ape city and meadow scenes were filmed at what was then the 20th Century Fox Ranch, but is now Malibu Creek State Park, 1925 Las Virgenes Road. The set was at the base of what rock climbers now refer to as "Planet of the Apes Wall", just across the creek from the visitors center. It's likely that the nearby Rock Pool was where the astronauts were swimming when the humans stole their clothes.

Malibu, Los Angeles County: Charlton Heston's final escape and shocking discovery at the end of the movie was shot on Westward Beach at Zuma Beach County Park, at the southeasternmost end towards Point Dume State Beach.

Planet of the Apes (1968)
CAST: Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, James Whitmore, James Daly, Linda Harrison, Robert Gunner, Lou Wagner....
WRITER: Pierre Boulle, Michael Wilson, Rod Serling
PRODUCER: Mort Abrahams, Arthur P. Jacobs
DIRECTOR: Franklin J. Schaffner
EDITOR: Hugh S. Fowler

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