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City and County of San Francisco: This sitcom series was filmed in L.A., although they occasionally had shots from San Francisco where the stories were actually set. The Golden Gate Bridge and Alamo Square were usually the most prominently featured. The characters lived at the fictional address 1882 Gerard Street, San Francisco. Fictional schools that were mentioned included Frasier Street Elementary School, Vanetta Junior High School, DiMaggio Junior High School, and Golden Bay High School.

Full House (1987-1995)
CAST: John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Andrea Barber, Lori Loughlin, Marla Sokoloff, Miko Hughes....
PRODUCER: Tom Amundsen, Jodie Baba, Robert L. Boyett, Tom Burkhard, Rob Dames, Greg Fields, Mark Fink, Jeff Franklin, Bob Fraser, Ellen Guylas, Boyd Hale, Ken Hecht, Miles Kristman, Bonnie Bogard Maier, Thomas L. Miller, John Moffatt, Phyllis J. Nelson, James O'Keefe, Dennis Rinsler, Leonard Ripps, Bob Sand, David Steven Simon, Chuck Tatham, Jamie Tatham, Don Van Atta, Marc Warren, Kim Weiskopf
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Richard Hissong, J. Bruce Nielsen
EDITOR: Bill Petty, Jay Scherberth

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