"Mattier and Ross: Naked City"

by Phil Mattier and Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle, 2 October 2000

First we had a sea of brides running through North Beach — now it's 30 naked women.

That's right, the Canadian producers of a new film — tentatively titled "40 Days and 40 Nights" — plan to shoot a dream sequence here in the next few days in which 30 unclad lovelies streak out of North Beach's Cafe Trieste.

Now before you start lining up, we should tell you that the cops plan to rope off the whole area.

There was some worry that the scene might violate the city's indecent exposure law that seems to get used only on streakers at Pac Bell Park, but the district attorney's office assured the crew that prosecutors would look the other way.

Although they might sneak a few peeks.

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