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Filming Locations —

Alameda, Alameda County.

Burlingame, San Mateo County: Kohl Mansion.

Fairfax, Marin County.

Oakland, Alameda County: The interior wedding scenes were shot in the chapel at Mountain View Cemetery on 11 November 1996.

Palo Alto, Santa Clara County: In December 1996, the crew used Leland Stanford Junior University for the exterior shots of the basketball stadium.

Petaluma, Sonoma County.

Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco.

San Anselmo, Marin County: A scene where Robin Williams walks into his neighbor's house was done in San Anselmo.

City and County of San Francisco.

San José, Santa Clara County: University Avenue, near the Rose Garden. Also, the conversation between Robin Williams and Christopher McDonald in an empty classroom was filmed at Washington Square Hall at San Jose State University. Adobe Systems, 345 Park Avenue.

San Rafael, Marin County: Marinwood.

Stockton, San Joaquin County: University of the Pacific.

Treasure Island, City and County of San Francisco: In January 1997, they started filming on sets at Treasure Island: the basketball stadium interior, Robin Williams' laboratory, and the interior of the mansion

Woodside, San Mateo County: Cu Mansion.

flubber           flubber
The exterior of Robin Williams' house was filmed on University Avenue, San José, but these two pictures are obviously different places, even though we are meant to believe they are the same. Notice the left half of the fence, the red mailbox, and the change in trees on the left side. Perhaps the explosion on the right was done on a model (albeit an inaccurate one).

A few other scenes were also done on University Avenue (near the Rose Garden): Robin Williams walking around in his pajamas, the flubber bouncing around the neighborhood, the two bad guys getting bonked on their heads with golf balls and bowling balls, and the car flying over the town.

This is Stockton's University of the Pacific.
This is the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame. The scenes where Marcia Gay Harden got her dress tailored and when Robin fell backwards out the window were also done here.
Robin Williams' laboratory was a set built on Treasure Island.
This church exterior is possibly in Petaluma.
The interior of the church was done at Mountain View Cemetery in the hills of Oakland.
The driveway to Raymond Barry's
mansion was filmed in San Mateo County.
The interiors of the mansion, though, were filmed on
Treasure Island, right next to the laboratory set.
This exterior was at the Cu Mansion in Woodside.
The basketball court set took up most of the old aircraft hangar and was next to the mansion and laboratory sets.
The exterior of the basketball court was filmed
at Stanford University in Palo Alto.
It's very clear in this snapshot which of the "extras" were actually cardboard cut-outs. Make sure to click the thumbnail to get the larger version so as to see what I mean.
The guy with his arm raised is me, Scott Trimble, and the brunette girl on the right is Cherie Mitchell of Yuba City. Wil Wheaton and Raymond J. Barry are two of the heads at the bottom of the picture.
The front view of Barry and Wheaton, along with Clancy Brown
and Ted Levine. These shots were filmed on 14 January 1997
on Treasure Island.
Bob Sarlatte as the Rutland basketball coach.
Sarlatte was the pizza waiter in Star Trek IV.
That's my little brother, Danny Trimble.
Marcia Gay Harden and Chris McDonald at Stanford.
This exterior is one of the two Adobe Systems towers at 345 Park Avenue at S. Almaden Boulevard, San José. The interior of the building was filmed in San Rafael, specifically at an office on Lucas Valley Road in Marinwood near Highway 101.
flubber           flubber
Two more views from the mansion which were done on Treasure Island.
the basketball court built on a set at Treasure Island
the four photo-doubles of the bad guys
third-unit director Micky Moore
Scott Trimble with the Rutland Cheerleaders

Flubber (1997)
CAST: Robin Williams, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald, Raymond J. Barry, Clancy Brown, Ted Levine, Wil Wheaton, Edie McClurg, Jodi Benson, Bob Sarlatte, Nancy Olson....
WRITER: Samuel W. Taylor, John Hughes, Bill Walsh
PRODUCER: John Hughes, Ricardo Mestres, David Nicksay, Michael Polaire, Nilo Rodis-Jamero, William Ryan
DIRECTOR: Les Mayfield
EDITOR: Harvey Rosenstock, Michael A. Stevenson
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT: Rory Enke, Thomas M. Harrigan

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