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This thriller filmed in San Francisco for 1½ days in June 2001 with some second-unit for 1 day in May 2001. In between that time, it filmed in Washington for about two weeks.

Filming Locations —

Gig Harbor, Pierce County: Waterfront. Gas Station. There was also a scene involving furniture movers at a house.

Port Townsend, Jefferson County: A boxing / kung-fu training scene was filmed at Fort Warden. A car chase was filmed on the streets, as well as a ferry boat scene.

Seattle, King County: 311 East Thomas Street.

Filming Locations —

City and County of San Francisco: On 22 May 2001, a second-unit crew filmed shots of the City from: (1) driving westbound on the Bay Bridge, (2) south on Kearny Street at Broadway, (3) east on Jackson Street at Stockton, and (4) Alamo Square Park on Hayes at Steiner. On 21 June 2001, they shot at Pier 7, and on 22 June 2001, they filmed on the Kearny Steps and elsewhere in North Beach.

San Francisco International Airport, San Mateo County: On 22 May 2001, the second-unit crew shot in the driving round-about at the departure terminals of San Francisco International Airport.

Enough (2002)
CAST: Jennifer Lopez, Russell Milton, Bill Campbell, Juliette Lewis, Tessa Allen, Dan Futterman, Chris Maher, Noah Wyle, Ruben Madera, Fred Ward....
WRITER: Nicholas Kazan
PRODUCER: Rob Cowan, Jeanney Kim, E. Bennett Walsh, Irwin Winkler
DIRECTOR: Michael Apted
EDITOR: Rick Shaine
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT / SAN FRANCISCO: Ellen Lent, Saisie Jang, Mary Clutts, Morgan Johnson


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