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This is the sequel to Doctor Dolittle which was itself a remake of the the original Doctor Dolittle. Despite some days of heavy rain, the crew filmed in San Francisco and Marin County every day from 8 January through 16 January 2001. The Alaska filming occurred prior to the Southern California filming, sometime in Fall 2000.

Filming Locations —

Marin Headlands, Marin County: Conzelman Road.

Marin Municipal Water District, Marin County: Fairfax-Bolinas Road near Alpine Lake in the Mount Tamalpais Watershed.

Nicasio, Marin County: Lucas Valley Road.

Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County: Limantour Road. Pierce Point Road. Bear Valley Visitors' Center parking lot. A shot at the head of Sky Trail didn't make it in the movie.

Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco: West Crissy Field. Building 924.

Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin County: Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.

City and County of San Francisco: Hyde Street at Lombard Street. Broadway between Franklin and Laguna Streets. Sacramento between Pierce and Broderick Streets. Golden Gate Bridge. Shots that didn't make the final cut include Lyon at Broadway, Broadway at Scott Street, and Baker Street by the Palace of Fine Arts.

San Geronimo, Marin County: Lagunitas Middle School.

Filming Locations —

Wrangell, Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area.

Filming Locations —

Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino County.

Century City, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County: 20th Century Fox.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles County.

doctor dolittle 2
This is looking north on Hyde Street at Lombard Street, San Francisco. It was filmed on 12 January 2001 since we were mostly rained out here a few days earlier on January 9th.
doctor dolittle 2
Broadway, west of Franklin Street, San Francisco.
doctor dolittle 2
The Golden Gate Bridge.
doctor dolittle 2
This is possibly Sacramento near Broderick Street.
doctor dolittle 2
South on Steiner Street at Grove Street.
Those are the "painted ladies" on the left.
doctor dolittle 2
Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands.
doctor dolittle 2
We got this opening title shot of San Francisco totally by accident. Early one morning, while setting up at basecamp at Building 924 in the Presidio, the sunrise was so gorgeous that D.P. Daryn Okada quickly pulled out the camera to grab it.
doctor dolittle 2
This scene was filmed at 20th Century Fox in Southern California. This was an exciting day of filming for the crew and one of the funniest scenes of the movie. Steve Irwin rocks.
doctor dolittle 2
North on Lombard Street, looking down on what is known as the "Crookedest Street in the World" although it's not even the most crooked street in San Francisco. Vermont Street is.
doctor dolittle 2
The painted ladies again,
viewed this time from within Alamo Square Park.
doctor dolittle 2           doctor dolittle 2
The view of the car on the Golden Gate Bridge was shot by helicopter, while Eddie Murphy and the animals in the car were
actually filmed in Los Angeles. Footage shot from a moving vehicle on the real bridge was inserted out the windows.
doctor dolittle 2
Fairfax-Bolinas Road, above the town of Bolinas.
doctor dolittle 2
Limantour Road, Point Reyes National Seashore.
The next shot, though, of Dolittle and the animals getting
out of the car, was filmed at 20th Century Fox.
doctor dolittle 2     doctor dolittle 2     doctor dolittle 2
This is one of the most geographically interesting edits in the movie. The first picture, in which Dr. Dolittle (portrayed by photo-double Robert DoQui) hits the brakes and backs up the car, was filmed on the very last day of shooting, 16 January 2001, on Limantour Road in Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County. The middle picture shows the cut to Eddie Murphy as Dr. Dolittle on a soundstage at 20th Century Fox on West Pico Boulevard, Century City, Los Angeles. The scene then cuts to the last picture which was filmed on the very first day of filming, around September or October 2000, when a small crew and the photo-double went to this forest clearcut on private property near Wrangell, Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area, Alaska. This very quick scene was filmed at three entirely different locations: Northern California, Southern California, and Alaska.
doctor dolittle 2
Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in
Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin County.
doctor dolittle 2
We did plate-shots of hills of trees above the Bear Valley Vistors' Center parking lot in PRNS, and at Lagunitas Middle School in San Geronimo. This might be part of one of them, out the window, but I don't know for sure.
doctor dolittle 2
Dr. Dolittle is heading north on Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands. Yes, we all knew that this road wouldn't get him very far in real life, but it is a pretty view, isn't it?
doctor dolittle 2
The foreground was shot on a stage at 20th Century Fox, but that hill in the background was done as a plate-shot on Lucas Valley Road, about 6¼ miles west of Highway 101, between Marinwood and Nicasio, Marin County.
doctor dolittle 2
Though heavily altered with digital effects, the water below was once part of a plate shot done of Alpine Lake where Faifax-Bolinas Road passes over it in Marin County.
doctor dolittle 2
The hills in the far distance appear to be a plate-shot,
but I don't know if they're from one of the
ones we did in Marin County.
doctor dolittle 2           doctor dolittle 2
We were the first movie to film at the new West Crissy Field picnic area in the San Francisco Presidio. The guy throwing the frisbee was one of the Set Production Assistants, E.J. Wessel, and the dalmation is actually Freckles who starred as Pongo in both 101 Dalmations and 102 Dalmations. Even dogs make cameos! Several of the crew took pictures with this canine celebrity.
doctor dolittle 2
For the background here, another plate-shot was done on Pierce Point Road near Marshall Beach Road, PRNS.
doctor dolittle 2

doctor dolittle 2

doctor dolittle 2

doctor dolittle 2

doctor dolittle 2

doctor dolittle 2
The final shot of the movie shows a seamless move up a tree and to the forests beyond. In reality, though, the lower three pictures were shot on stage at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, and the upper three pictures were filmed by helicopter above Fairfax-Bolinas Road near Alpine Lake in the Mount Tamalpais Watershed, Marin County. The visual effects artists digitally combined and morphed them together so that it looks like the same shot.
doctor dolittle 2
Even though I personally was left out the credits, I am glad that our list of thank-you credits made it in and was kept intact. Most of the movie was filmed in Los Angeles and Big Bear City, but this entire list is from us in Northern California!

For the record, the San Francisco / Marin County
unit should have been credited as follows....
(the names written in silver were local Bay Area hires)

Director of Photography: Daryn Okada
Production Supervisor: Tina Fortenberry
First Assistant Director: Mark Tobey
Location Manager: Iddo Lampton Enochs, Jr.
Key Assistant Location Manager: Scott Trimble
Key Set Production Assistant: Roberta Riordan
Set Production Assistant: E.J. Wessel
Photo-Double / "Dr. John Dolittle": Robert Diago DoQui
Photo-Double / "Charisse Dolittle": Morgan Johnson
1st Assistant Cameraman: Jim Thibo
2nd Assistant Cameraman: Kevin Ivey
1st Assistant Cameraman: John Boccaccio
2nd Assistant Cameraman: Tim Kane
Loader: Dan Squires
Stunt Coordinator: John Moio
Helicopter Pilot: Cliff Fleming
SpaceCam Operator: Ron Goodman
SpaceCam Technician: M. Onodera
LibraHead Technician: John Philion
Helicopter Technician: Corey Fleming
Chief Lighting Technician: Wright "Kal" Manning
Key Grip: Mike Hodges
Best Boy Grip: Victor Worrell
Grip: Edmundo Sepulveda
Assistant Costume Designer: Craig Anthony
Key Hair Stylist: Faye Kelly
Props Master: Bryan Duff
Transportation Coordinator: Kenny Searle
Transportation Captain: Rob Johnson
Drivers: Don Kasich, John O'Rourke....
Security: C & F Motion Picture Security
Security Supervisor: Bob Loeffler
Caterer: Jeff DiPaolo / Willow Camp Catering
Craft Service: James Chandler
Medical Coordinator: Christopher Desmond
Medic: Scott Urban
Visual Effects Supervisor: Doug Smith
Visual Effects Computer Operator: Glen Darby
Visual Effects Assistants: Chris Sjoholm, Liz Kupinski
Head Animal Trainer: Mark Forbes
Extras Casting: Bill Dance Casting

I know that I'm missing a handful of names.
Please e-mail me if you can add them.

Doctor Dolittle 2 (2001)
CAST: Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wilson, Raven-Symone, Kyla Pratt, Lil' Zane, James Avery, Andy Richter, Kevin Pollak, Jeffrey Jones, Steve Irwin, Lisa Kudrow, Michael Rapaport, Isaac Hayes, Andy Dick, Joey Lauren Adams, Jamie Kennedy, Mandy Moore, Frankie Muniz, Norm Macdonald, Arnold Schwarzenegger....
WRITERS: Larry Levin / Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel / Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia / Hugh Lofting
PRODUCERS: John Davis, Neil Machlis, Michele Imperato-Stabile, Heidi Santelli, Aldric La'Auli Porter
DIRECTOR: Steve Carr
EDITOR: Craig Herring
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