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Oakland, Alameda County: A scene was filmed at the old Oakland mole, the place where the trains and cars queued to board ferry boats to San Francisco.

City and County of San Francisco: Various scenes were filmed in San Francisco: (1) turn-table at Taylor and Bay Streets, (2-3) cable-cars at Lombard Street and Columbus Avenue, (4) the chase began at Lombard and Taylor Streets (the view looks towards where Lombard's famous crooked turns would be constructed a few months afterwards in 1922), (5) the cops at Washington and Powell Streets, and (6) more cops at Second and Minna Streets.

For a guided walking tour of the San Francisco locations,
read John Bengtson's Silent Echoes Tour of San Francisco.

I am indebted to Mr. Bengtson for identifying the locations in the pictures below.
Be sure to read his book, Silent Echoes, which goes over locations for
all the Keaton movies.

This is Lombard Street at Taylor, looking towards what will eventually be built into the Crookedest Street in the World.
Now this is Lombard Street and Columbus,
but looking west instead of east.
This classic cable car gag was actually filmed on
Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles.
This is looking west on Washington Street at Powell.
This cable car turntable was on Bay Street at Powell.
Buster Keaton, unaware that the
cable car is changing direction.
Looking north on Powell Street at Washington.
This is south on Columbus Avenue at Lombard Street.
daydreams           daydreams
East on Minna Street at Second Street.
West on Minna Street at Second Street.
This was the Southern Pacific mole
at the foot of Oakland's -7th Street.
Washington and Powell Streets again.
And now back in Oakland.
daydreams           daydreams
These two shots, the first one another famous Buster Keaton gag, were also presumably shot in Oakland.

Daydreams (1922)
CAST: Buster Keaton, Renée Adorée, Joe Keaton, Joe Roberts, Edward F. Cline....
WRITER: Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton
PRODUCER: Joseph M. Schenck
DIRECTOR: Buster Keaton

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Official Website: Silent Echoes, by John Bengtson
"'Echoes' of Buster... Locations for Keaton Movies" S.F. Chronicle, 17 Jan 2000.

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