Filming Locations —

Oakland, Alameda County: Paramount Theater. Oakland International Airport.

The Paramount Theater is at 2025 Broadway at
20th Street, downtown Oakland.
This is most likely Oakland Airport,
but please let me know if you know otherwise.
comedian           comedian

comedian           comedian

comedian           comedian
These pictures are also all from the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Oakland.
comedian     comedian     comedian
The crew from the Oakland shoot were specifically represented in the end credits.

Comedian (2002)
CAST: Jerry Seinfeld, Orny Adams, Colin Quinn, Ray Romano, Chris Rock, Garry Shandling, Kevin Nealon, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby....
PRODUCER: Amy R. Baird, Jerry Seinfeld, Gary Streiner
DIRECTOR: Christian Charles
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Christian Charles, Mark Plumber, Gary Streiner
EDITOR: Chris Franklin

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