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Lupe (Cyra Gomez) has three kids and a household to run and when her welfare check is cut short, she's stunned. What do I do now? Don't these people know I have kids to feed? Lupe can't put her mind on anything else. Angry, scared, and frustrated, she embarks on a mission to get her benefits back. With help from friend, Brenda (Latania Lewis), an employment counselor (Casey Jones-Bastiaans), and single dad, Charles (Ali Phelps), Lupe happily discovers much more than she hoped to find. Narrated by "Miss Laura" (Laura Hayes of Comic View) as an ever-present sage who comments on Lupe's every turn.

For personal counseling, support
groups, or recovery services, please
call 800-491-9099. To obtain a copy of
this P.S.A., call 510-451-7099.

Filming Locations —

Oakland, Alameda County: Chrysalis Center, 3845 Telegraph at MacArthur. Mandana House, 3989 Howe Street at 40th. World Trust, 5920 San Pablo Avenue at 59th Street. Residential neighborhood on Alice Street at 17th.

change is hard
This is a kitchen at the Chrysalis Center,
3845 Telegraph Avenue at MacArthur.
change is hard
This location is a kitchen at the Mandana Recovery Center, 3989 Howe Street near Piedmont Avenue.
change is hard
Though it's supposed to be a different location, this is actually the next room over from the Mandana kitchen.
change is hard
Miss Laura Hayes is a well-known stand-up
comedian and actress.
change is hard
I'm not sure about this location since I think it was done during Additional Photography several weeks afterwards.
change is hard
The World Trust on San Pablo Avenue at 59th Street was made to look like a recovery center.
change is hard
This was on Alice Street at 17th in Downtown Oakland.
change is hard
That's me, Scott Trimble, in the credits!
I was the Key Set Production Assistant.
change is hard
This bus stop bench was photographed on 1 Mar 2000 on Telegraph Avenue at 29th Street, Oakland, CA.
There are various other versions throughout the city and in Berkeley.

Change is Hard (1999, TV)
CAST: Laura Hayes, Cyra Gomes, Joyce Jeffrey, Diana Tenes, Kimberly Delmer....
PRODUCER: Tisha Kenny, Colette Winlock
DIRECTOR: Shannon Kenny

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