Campus Movie Shoot Unrealistic"

by Rosie Hsueh, The Daily Californian, 19 October 1999

As an 1999 alumna, I read yesterday's "Miramax Begins Filming on Campus" article with much pride. Once again, my alma mater is in the well-deserved spotlight. Unfortunately, upon finishing the article, I realized that as an Asian-American woman who had a very diverse group of college friends, none of the main characters of the movie "Boys and Girls" reflect the UC Berkeley college experience that I, and no doubt many others like me, have come to cherish and reminisce.

"(We are filming at the university) because the story takes place in Berkeley. We wanted to get (the) look of the campus," assistant director Maria Campbell had explained to The Daily Californian. However, according to the article, Miramax seems to have no immediate plans to include Asian or Asian-Americans, and other minorities in its coterie cast of big name stars.

This is quite unfortunate because UC Berkeley, as it is today, embodies the growing diversity that is reflective of not only California but also the nation at large.

Miramax can say that they have extras that are Asian or other minorities, but Asians — which are no longer minority to Berkeley's undergraduate student population — appear to be once again "marginalized." This past weekend's conference "Visibility and Marginality: The Changing Status of Asian Pacific Americans at Berkeley" was designed to point out just that.

My boyfriend, a Latino-American engineering Cal alumnus, and I could well be the two really good friends who fell in love despite personality differences as portrayed in "Boys and Girls." But if the movie cast is any indication, we cannot.

Rosie Hsueh
UC Berkeley alumna

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