Film Takes UC Berkeley to Laborer Status"

by Chris Lin, The Daily Californian, 26 October 1999

While waiting for the trusty perimeter shuttle one afternoon, I happened to catch the end of a conversation between two girls next to me. It went something like this:

Girl #1: "It's so cool that they are making a movie here. And he (Freddie Prince Jr.) walked right past me! They were acting out this scene where he was signing petitions at tables or something. Oh, have you seen him? Was he like wearing a wig or something?"

Girl #2: "No, I haven't seen him. Maybe he changed his hair or something. I did notice it was longer."

I had some doubts before, but this particular tete-a-tete made it perfectly clear how the filming of "Boys and Girls" is affecting this campus. Campus officials have allowed filming, even if it means disruptions to its students and faculty ("Filmmakers Paying for Right to Film On Campus," Oct. 20).

Perhaps I was wrong in thinking this, but I was always under what may now be an erroneous impression — that UC Berkeley is an institution of learning. However, after walking past Wheeler Auditorium last week and seeing people willing skip lectures and discussions for the slim chance of being recruited as an extra almost makes me ill.

Yet, I doubt that those who make this university the top public university in the nation appear amongst the glittering actors and actresses.

Finally, we must all keep in mind that perhaps when this movie premieres, it will be, for a lack of more eloquent terms, a flop. From what I have seen, it will just be another generic story churned out by equally generic writers living in the pseudo-world of moviemaking. Nice to see that UC Berkeley has now obtained the status of just another laborer in the Hollywood Dream Factory.

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