"Miramax Begins Filming on Campus"

by Linda Shin, The Daily Californian, 18 October 1999

Filmmakers began shooting scenes on the UC Berkeley campus this weekend for a movie scheduled to be released next year by Miramax Films.

Actors, extras and producers began work on the movie Friday. Titled "Boys and Girls," the film will tentatively continue to be shot on campus for two more weekends, said David Linck, a spokesperson for the motion picture.

The movie centers around two UC Berkeley students who fall in love with each other over the span of their four-year college experience. It stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani, Linck said.

"The film is about two really good friends that are somewhat mismatched," Linck said. "Freddie is the straight-laced, anal retentive engineering student and Claire is the happy-go-lucky spirit who likes rock-and-roll and partying."

The two friends, who support each other through many failed romantic relationships, then decide to embark on a relationship of their own.

"They see each other through several romances and in the end they see maybe they're the two best people for one another," Linck said.

Supporting cast members include Jason Biggs of "American Pie," Heather Donohue of the "Blair Witch Project" and Alyson Hannigan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," he added.

While the plot of the film appears to have a similar theme as many other recently released romantic comedies geared toward teenagers, it is actually designed for an older audience, Linck said.

"They're in college — not high school," he said. "This is not a gross-out movie like 'American Pie.' It's much more sophisticated than the usual youth film."

The on-location shooting has been going very well, Linck added. Sites featured in the film include Kleeberger Field, the outside of Doe Library and Telegraph Avenue.

"It's an attractive place to shoot and so far everyone's been really cooperative," he said. "We're enjoying our time here. It's been really easy."

He added that the film is only shot on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because the movie's production inconveniences students and faculty.

"We shoot on the weekends so we keep the trouble to a minimum," he said. "We're in the way but everyone's been really good about it."

Approximately 150 UC Berkeley students are serving as extras for the film, said Maria Campbell, a second assistant director for the movie. They are paid $46 for the first eight hours and are paid overtime for subsequent hours.

Since the characters play UC Berkeley students, the film is being shot on campus to give the movie a realistic touch, Campbell added.

"(We are filming at the university) because the story takes place in Berkeley," Campbell said. "We wanted to get (the) look of the campus."

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