This movie from Genovesio Films (Ice Scream and TaxiderME) is a science-fiction B-movie that spoofs similar movies from the 1950-1960s, particularly Zsa Zsa Gabor's Queen of Outer Space. It is currently available for purchase from the official website (linked below) and Tower Records stores.

Filming Locations —

Hayward, Alameda County: Property Management Training Institute.

Livermore, Alameda County: Heather Street. Bennett Drive.

Pleasanton, Alameda County: 5222 Genovesio Drive. 981 Hopkins Way.

Oakland, Alameda County: Morcom Amphitheater of Roses.

Rocklin, Placer County: Sierra Junior College.

Filming Locations —

Frederick, Frederick County.

bikini planet
The professor's office was shot at Sierra Junior College.
bikini planet
Heather Street, Livermore, CA.
Most of the Earth scenes were filmed in mid-2000.
bikini planet
Property Management Training Institute,
111 Jackson Street (Route 92) at Soto Road, Hayward.
bikini planet

bikini planet
Conrad Brooks appeared in one of the all-time classic B-movies, Plan 9 From Outer Space. Appearing as the vice-president, his scene was filmed at a hotel in Frederick, MD.
bikini planet
The president's office was filmed at a home
on Bennett Drive in Livermore.
bikini planet
Most of the alien planet scenes were filmed at the Morcom
Amphitheatre of Roses in Oakland, CA, in March 2001.
bikini planet

bikini planet

bikini planet

bikini planet           bikini planet
These scenes were also shot at the Morcom Amphitheatre of Roses in Oakland.
The secluded gardens are on Jean Street just off of Grand Avenue near Lake Merritt.
bikini planet           bikini planet
As if it's not obvious, the crew on the left are talking to Jane Uhura on the right — but each were filmed in entirely different locations (and lighting conditions). The first was at the bathrooms of the Morcom rose garden. I'm not sure about the second.
bikini planet
The swimming pool was filmed at
981 Hopkins Way in Pleasanton.
bikini planet
Back at the Morcom rose garden, at the top of the chain of waterfalls down to the lower levels.
bikini planet
The spaceship interiors were shot in a warehouse at the Property Management Training Institute. By coincidence, I went to college with this actress! Gillian Tarkington lived at Putnam Hall where I was an S.M. from 1996-1997.
bikini planet
The interior of Princess Nibbi's bedroom was filmed at 5222 Genovesio Drive off San Marco Way in Pleasanton.
bikini planet
These columns are also at Morcom, but at the Jean Street entrance. We received a check-up visit from Oakland Police Department that day after they received a complaint from someone who thought that this was a porn shoot!
bikini planet
That's me in the credits! :-) Thank you to Leslie Anderson and Christopher Mendola who helped scout additional locations from Kentfield to Santa Rosa to Vallejo.

Bikini Planet (2002)
CAST: Stephanie Beaton, John Bogert, Kathryn Hecht, Steve Hitchcock, Cristin Kiper Harris, Geno Vasco, Lisa Lowe, Kevin Long, Angie Warrington, Richard Van Vleet, Derek Zemrak, Forrest J Ackerman, Brenda Baker, Denise Larson, Melvin "Shorty" Rossi, Gillian Tarkington....
WRITER: Brian Zemrak
PRODUCER: John Bogert, Elaine Kellett, Richard Van Vleet, Derek Zemrak
DIRECTOR: Derek Zemrak
EDITOR: Elaine Kellett, Brett Shapiro
LOCATION SCOUTS: Derek Zemrak, Leslie Anderson, Christopher Mendola


Official Website: Bikini Planet
"By Any Other Name" S.F. Gate, 26 March 2001.
"In Celebration of the 'B' Movie" Pleasanton Weekly, 22 February 2002.

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