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Filming Locations —

Alameda, Alameda County: Various futuristic-looking interior sets were constructed at Manex Studios: the World Legislature, Portia's loft, and a hospital room.

Fremont, Alameda County: The deleted junkyard scene where the punks attack Andrew Martin was at Mission Clay Products on Old Canyon Road.

Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County: The home that robot Andrew Martin built was on the Jones Beach off Highway 1 in Half Moon Bay. Another scene was at Cowell Ranch Beach, south of the golf course.

Nicasio, Marin County: St. Mary's Church on Nicasio Valley Road.

Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco: The exterior of Rupert's shop was at Fort Point while the interiors were at Manex Studios in Alameda.

Redwood City, San Mateo County: The Oracle Corporation headquarters at Redwood Shores was used for the exterior of Northam Robotics. The reception area interior was also used, but the rest was filmed elsewhere.

City and County of San Francisco: The wedding for Embeth Davidtz' character was filmed at Grace Cathedral at 1100 California Street on 28 April 1999. San Francisco City Hall, used for several scenes in the movie, was the subject of much controversy and problems (see the articles below). A park scene was filmed at Alamo Square (bordered by Fulton, Steiner, Hayes, and Scott Streets). A wedding reception scene was filmed at the Palace of Fine Arts in late July 1999. Another scene was shot at the baseball diamond of Golden Gate Park.

Treasure Island, City and County of San Francisco: Some sets were built on Treasure Island.

Woodside, San Mateo County: The family home was filmed at the Green Gables Estate on Albion Avenue.

bicentennial man
The Martin family home was filmed at the
Green Gables Estate in Woodside.
bicentennial man
This was Jones Beach, next to Martin's Beach.
bicentennial man
Working at Beau Bonneau Casting in early 1999, I read the part of Andrew Martin in this scene with kids who were auditioning for the part of Little Miss — before Hallie Kate Eisenberg was later cast.
bicentennial man
The mansion interiors were filmed on a Treasure Island stage.
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
Northam Robotics was filmed at Oracle in Redwood Shores. These unique buildings are visible from Highway 101.
bicentennial man
Another beach scene, either at Jones or Cowell Ranch.
bicentennial man
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
This is a real view of San Francisco, but I don't know yet if the scene was actually filmed in this building or if the view was faked.
bicentennial man
Little Miss' wedding was filmed at
Grace Cathedral, 1100 California Street at Taylor Street.
bicentennial man
Highlighted on the far right of this frame is me, Scott Trimble, in my brief appearance in the film during the wedding scenes.
bicentennial man
Another view of the Martin family home.
bicentennial man
This was one of the sets built at Manex Studios.
bicentennial man
Andrew's home was built on Jones Beach.
bicentennial man
A futuristic view of San Francisco's South of Market.
bicentennial man
Though this scene is set in Urbana, Indiana, the baseball
field is actually in Golden Gate Park.
bicentennial man
This shot was filmed at St. Mary's Church
off Nicasio Valley Road in Nicasio, CA.
bicentennial man

bicentennial man
In this futuristic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, notice that
not only are there two decks for each direction of traffic,
but the north end also extends around Waldo Grade instead
of passing through it at the Waldo Tunnel.
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
Rupert Burns (Oliver Platt)'s shop exterior was a façade at Fort Point, while the interior was a set at Manex Studios.
bicentennial man
I don't know yet what intersection this is supposed to be, but this futuristic San Francisco still has the old cable cars passing underneath the high-speed elevated railway.
bicentennial man
Portia (Embeth Davidtz)'s loft was
another set at Manex Studios in Alameda.
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
This futuristic hospital was also built in one of the former Navy hangars at Manex Studios,
although the upper levels in the picture on the left were added with special-effects.
bicentennial man
The chess game between Andrew and Portia was filmed at Alamo Square Park, with a few extra buildings added in the background.
bicentennial man
This was part of a nice pan from the ceiling of San Francisco
City Hall down to the stairs pictured below.
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
The main lobby of City Hall was used for a formal ball scene.
It was at this location that the flooding fiasco occurred (see the newspaper articles at the bottom of this page).
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
The Palace of Fine Arts isn't much different in the future.
bicentennial man           bicentennial man
This is Grace Cathedral again, this time showing an exterior with more futuristic buildings outside.
bicentennial man
Rupert Burns Enterprises is now located on Treasure Island, with what appears to be a bridge extension out into the water. The red Port of San Francisco lights at the Ferry Building are visible.
bicentennial man
The World Congress area was also a set at Manex Studios.

Bicentennial Man (1999)
CAST: Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill, Oliver Platt, Kiersten Warren, Wendy Crewson, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Lindze Letherman, Angela Landis, Johm Michael Higgins, Joe Bellan, Stephen Root, Scott Waugh, Lynne Thigpen....
WRITER: Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Nicholas Kazan
PRODUCER: Michael Barnathan, Chris Columbus, Paula DuPré Pesman, Gail Kats, Dan Kolsrud, Laurence Mark, Neal Miller, Wolfgang Petersen, Mark Radfliffe
DIRECTOR: Chris Columbus
EDITOR: Nicolas De Toth, Neil Travis
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT: Rory Enke, Ralph Coleman, Thomas M. Harrigan, Peter Moody, Richard Marks, Felix Gehm

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