"Right on Q — Hollywood Takes a Look at Sonoma County"

by John Beck, Press Democrat, 17 September 2000

It looks like Hollywood may be setting up camp again in Sonoma County. Director Barry Levinson and MGM troops have been scouting the region checking out locales for the film "Bandits," starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett in a story about two outlaw bank robbers who fall in love with a girl they are believed to have kidnapped.

Screenwriter Harley Peyton up to this point has made a living adapting novels to the screen ("Less Than Zero" and "Heaven's Prisoner"). His latest project is based on the true account of notorious robbers Joe Dougherty and Terry Lee Conner, who made the FBI's Top Ten List knocking off banks across the country before they were captured in 1985.

The dynamic duo may never get a chance to see the movie, but it won't be for a lack of free time. They're each serving more than 200 years in the nation's top maximum-security prison in Marion, Ill.

The majority of the movie is being filmed in Salem and Portland, Ore. No word yet on whether extras will be needed, but anxious fans can stay informed at sites like www.mgm.com, www.upcomingmovies.com/outlaws.html and www.sfbay.stst.net (a great site for any films shot in Northern California).

The release date for "Bandits" (originally dubbed "Outlaws: A Love Story") has been set for December 2001.

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