"Crowd Hopes for Glimpse of Stars —
Bruce Willis Steps Out, Billy Bob Thornton Signs Autographs"

by Brian Seals, The Californian, 19 December 2000

A dark, late-model Honda Civic pulled out of the intersection of Gabilan and Main streets and headed west.

Seconds later, a silver tractor-trailer with a Bridgestone tires logo on it raced down the street behind it.

A man in a cowboy hat jumped out of an old, blue Chevrolet and ran down Gablian toward Salinas Street.

"That's a cut!" boomed a voice in the crowd, and the action ceased.

That was just part of Monday's action as MGM crews converged on Oldtown Salinas to film scenes for the movie "Bandits." Crew and cast are scheduled to be in Salinas through Wednesday filming a bank robbery and chase scene.

Adam Gavalla — The Californian
Spectators gather behind police lines Monday to watch MGM film the movie 'Bandits.'

During the filming, the 100 and 200 blocks of Main Street are closed to traffic, as is part of Gablian Street.

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