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Filming Locations —

Oakland, Alameda County: Kaiser Convention Center.

Petaluma, Sonoma County: Cypress Hill Cemetery.

Presidio of San Francisco (GGNRA / Presidio Trust), San Francisco.

Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin County: Several shots from the outdoor concerts were filmed off Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

City and County of San Francisco: Golden Gate Park. Bernal Heights. The Harris family home was filmed in Pacific Heights. The interior bus scenes were done at Custer Avenue Stages. Ocean Beach.

San Rafael, Marin County: Dominican College.

Novato, Marin County: Stafford Lake Park.

around the fire           around the fire
The rehabilitation center scenes were filmed in the San Francisco Presidio.
around the fire           around the fire

around the fire           around the fire
All of the funeral scenes were shot at Cypress Hill Cemetery in Petaluma. In the first picture, notice the person two people
behind the kid — that's me as a background extra. Coincidentally, my great-great-grandfather, Ferdinand Donham, is buried nearby.
around the fire           around the fire
Where were these scenes filmed?
around the fire           around the fire
Most of the hippie scenes were filmed in rural Marin County locations like
Stafford Lake Park in Novato and Samuel P. Taylor State Park.
around the fire
This is a composite picture showing where the characters went to several of their concerts. This location is the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Downtown Oakland.
around the fire

around the fire
I'm not sure, though, where these scenes were filmed.
around the fire
The LSD doctor's house was filmed
in San Francisco's Bernal Heights.
around the fire
The security guard chasing Devon Sawa was played by Mark Hager, the film's Production Coordinator. Mark was later an Assistant Production Coordinator on Sweet November.
around the fire
The main characters reunite at the end. I was an extra again as a marijuana-smoking hippie here, but that shot was removed.
around the fire
Although everyone is blocking all the sand and those trees behind them are no longer standing, this is actually Ocean Beach in San Francisco. That's the Cliff House on the hill.

Around the Fire (1998)
CAST: Devon Sawa, Bill Smitrovich, Tara Reid, Eric Mabius, Colman Domingo, Charlayne Woodard, Lisa Burgett, Henri Lubatti, John Pirruccello, Stephen Tobolowsky....
WRITER: John Comerford, Tommy Rosen
PRODUCER: John Comerford, Lance Rosen, Tommy Rosen
DIRECTOR: John Jacobsen
EDITOR: Brian Berdan

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Official Website: Around the Fire
"How to Build a Film From Scratch" Marin Independent Journal, 27 Jul 1999.
"Around the Fire: Experiences" by Scott Trimble, updated Summer 1999.

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