Filming Locations —

Concord, Contra Costa County: Buchanan Field.

Mill Valley, Marin County: Tamalpais High School.

Petaluma, Sonoma County: Jerry's Cherries used car lot was filmed at an empty lot on Petaluma Boulevard North. The Hop was at the Petaluma High School gymnasium. Gilardi's Liquors, 884 Bodega Avenue. The Cadillac was vandalized at Petaluma Boulevard & Western Avenue. Wolfman Jack's radio station was on Rovina Lane. The final drag race was filmed on Frates Road.

Pinole, Contra Costa County: Miniature golf course at San Pablo Avenue near Walter Avenue.

City and County of San Francisco: Mel's Diner (South Van Ness & Mission Streets, demolished). Another scene was filmed by 3355 Geary Boulevard.

San Rafael, Marin County: Downtown San Rafael. Fourth Street.

American Graffiti (1973)
CAST: Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips, Wolfman Jack, Bo Hopkins, Manuel Padilla Jr., Beau Gentry, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Quinlan, Suzanne Somers....
WRITER: George Lucas, Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck
PRODUCER: Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Kurtz
DIRECTOR: George Lucas
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jan D'Alquen, Ron Eveslage

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