Filming Locations —

Lincoln, Placer County: A scene in which the Stillwater band is traveling by bus through the midwest was filmed on a rural road in Placer County. The barn with writing on the roof was constructed just for the shots.

Rio Vista, Solano County.

Yolo County.

Filming Locations —

Koreatown, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County: Ambassador Hotel.

San Diego, San Diego County: Balboa Park. San Diego Sports Arena. University of San Diego High School.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles County: Continental Hyatt Hotel, 8401 West Sunset Boulevard.

almost famous           almost famous
The first shot took place in 1973 at the Rolling Stone magazine offices which were actually located in San Francisco at 746 Brannan Street at 6th Street and at 645 Third Street at Brannan Street. The second shot is supposed to be San Francisco International Airport.
Both of these scenes were filmed elsewhere, though, probably somewhere in San Diego.

Almost Famous (2000)
CAST: Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson, Jason Lee, Patrick Fugit, Zooey Deschanel, Michael Angarano, Noah Taylor, Fairuza Balk, Anna Paquin, Olive Rosewood, Jimmy Fallon, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bijou Phillips, Terry Chen, Rainn Wilson....
WRITER: Cameron Crowe
PRODUCER: Ian Bryce, Cameron Crowe, Marty Ewing, Scott M. Martin, Steven P. Saeta, Lisa Stewart, Jerry Ziesmer
DIRECTOR: Cameron Crowe
PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Clay A. Griffith, Clayton Hartley
EDITOR: Joe Hutshing, Saar Klein
LOCATIONS DEPARTMENT: James McCabe, David Thornsberry, Kristan Wagner, Joie Gregory, Eva M. Schroeder, Michael Schumacher, Demian Resnick, David Brotsky


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